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The Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM) promotes the equitable and sustainable development of the resources of the Orange-Senqu River. ORASECOM provides a forum for consultation and coordination between the riparian states to promote integrated water resources management and development within the basin. 

On this website you will find information about ORASECOM, including our mandate, structure, and agreements.

Information about the Orange-Senqu River Basin can be found along with our programmes, publications, news & events, and opportunities.


The Lower Orange-Senqu River.
Source: iStockphoto/Roode (2008)


April 10, 2014:
Consolidating an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plan for the Basin

The Orange-Senqu River Awareness Kit introduces users to the fundamentals of geography, socio-economics, water governance and water management in the Orange-Senqu River basin. The River Awareness Kit is intended to provide a centralised repository for knowledge related to the Orange-Senqu River basin.

wis.orasecom.org The Orange-Senqu Water Information System (WIS) portal hosts data, documents and links about the Orange- Senqu River Basin. The data and information was generated by ORASECOM, the Basin States and the International Cooperating Partners supporting the commission.
The award winning miniSass site, supported by ORASECOM, provides a simple tool that can be used by anyone to store and display their monitored data obtained regarding the general health of a river sass.orasecom.org
jia.orasecom.org The Noordoewer-Vioolsdrift JIA scheme is situated on the border between the Republics of Namibia and South Africa and has been in existance since 1933. This international Joint Irrigation Authority is the only one of its kind on the Orange River, and is perhaps a pioneer for further cooperative ventures of this kind.

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